Продвижение в блогосфере.

Social networks and blogs are the most visited Internet resource. These social media are a source of regular influx of visitors. For the most part, it’s the visitors or active Internet users who chart the direction and are able to “get to the top” post or blog, if, of course, the latter is really useful and interesting. And in this regard, the promotion and optimization of resources for social media is an integral part in the blogosphere. Optimization consists of two types of promotion: SMO – site optimization and promotion of SMM.

SMO optimization.

The main goal of SMO (Social Media Optimization) is to increase the ranking of links. This refers to the creation of sites with a high probability of demand among users. That is, the quality of the proposed content when using the optimization of SMO, is a priority. High link citation in this case is an indicator of the success of the site.

An important role in this case is played by the functionality of the site, namely the addition of information from the site to social networks. SMO promotion virtuosos advise encouraging users who link to a blog, as incoming links are very valuable.
In addition, the promotion of SMO involves promotion for those services that use the content of the promoted resource with links to this resource.

SMO optimizers process the site content in detail, place keywords in it and promote it on social networks. That is, they rearrange the content of the site in such a way as to make it as popular as possible.

In parallel with SMO, another branch appeared – this is the promotion of a site in social media (SMM), that is, on blogs, forums and so on.

SMM promotion.

Promotion of SMM (Social Media Marketing) can be attributed to the external sphere – promotion in online communities- forums, blogs, likes on instagram. The activity of visitors to blogs and the high speed of dissemination of “thrown” information makes it possible to successfully apply promotion actions.

Work in SMM does not imply promotion through site processing as in SMO. SMM optimizers work with forums, blogs, on instant messaging resources, that is, in places where Internet users communicate. In other words, promotion in SMM includes a set of activities aimed at promoting a site on social networks and providing information of interest to interested users.

The main feature of promoting SMM and SMO, in contrast to SEO optimization, is that the work package is aimed at an interested user with the provision of quality content.

The difference between SEO and SMO.

For the most part, SMO promotion and search engine optimization are similar.Only SEO optimization is designed for the search engine, and SMO – for people visiting the site. That is, in the first case, the influx of visitors goes through a search engine, and in the second – through social tools and quality content.

SMO promotion does not take into account the requirements of a machine, but of a person. The key to successful
SMO-promotion is quality and useful information. The effectiveness of SMO is much higher than SEO. For example, on the YouTube service, the average number of video views not older than a year ago can exceed 11 thousand views. Using SEO optimization to achieve a similar result is much more difficult.

SMO goals.
The main goals of SMO promotion are: brand awareness, traffic, the maximum number of natural links, quality content. All this provides a widely publicized product or service.

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