ALLIANCE aluminum type workbenches

Alliance aluminum series ESD workstations are a type of workbenches that are supplied in two versions, standard and automatic, and are quite convenient in using. Automatic workbenches are equipped with motorized worktop adjustment system, performed by electric drive and simple control unit. This workbench allows controlling the height of the tabletop by pressing the specific button located below the tabletop. It can be very useful in many manufacturing processes when operator needs to change his/her position within several minutes to fully exersize their task.

The automatic height of the tabletop is adjustable within 250 mm. Automatic height adjustment 700-950 mm from the floor level.

The automatic workbench allows some extra equipment: additional shelf for Alliance series workbenches and under-shelf local lighting, which mounted under the main shelf or attached to panel thus providing directional lighting of the working area.

Standard Alliance workbench admits an ability to broadened worktop. It allows main shelf height adjustments also. All these things make this workbench very comfortable to work at. This one let you to fix working surface by key wrenches.

You can choose different configurations of this workbench. We offer the common one or one with LED-lighting. You also have the chance to buy an additional set with one aluminum frame, which is on the side. The set includes workbench with one lateral frame, lower cleat, perforated panel, main shelf and lighting. There is exactly the same kit, but with LED-lighting. You can pick additional or double set — mirror-like double workbench with one or two lateral aluminum frames. There is also a possibility to add a lot of extra equipment, such as under-shelf local lighting or aluminum rail for bin storage and much more. See the full list of improvements on

Alliance workbench will be useful in many different jobs. You can put a computer, telephone and other office-things on the tabletop; keep many different folders and documents. You can make a production workplace also – put tools, small machines, production devices. You can keep some spare parts on the upper slats.

In addition, it have an eye-comfort design that provides adidtional ergonomics, comfortable and non-irritating working condition.

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